Simple Meals

Here are two examples of simple meals in a bowl.

First, a hot option, turkey burger, small portion green beans (10 max for low FODMAP) with red quinoa.  I have fallen in love with Alter Eco Organic Red Heirloom Quinoa.  You try new grain options when you can no longer automatically grab a slice or two of whole wheat bread.  I found unseasoned turkey patties at my local Hannaford’s.  They also had season ones, which contained a lot more sodium plus onion & garlic — so read those labels.

Second, a cold option, salmon, a few sliced black olives, with some romaine lettuce and chives (not more than a cup of greens) sprinkled with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I likely ate a few rice crackers or corn chips with the salad.

Eating low FODMAP does mean small portions, especially of veggies.  We have been told over and over to increase the amount of vegetables we eat, after all most have very few calories, but for me limiting the vegetable portion size is proving very important to feeling better.


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