i LIVE, i LEARN, HOPE you do too

i LIVE, i LEARN, HOPE you do too

May 29, 2016

 I just completed a wonderful two-week free online “Life Balance Challenge” with the remarkable “IBS Liberator” Suzanne Perazzini.  I learned just how much I still do not know, and was moved to hear her say in a video that those of us blogging about our experiences, without expertise, confuse things for others surfing the net for help. When I blog, I am using the best knowledge I have at that time, but I know things I have posted already are not 100% correct given what I know now.  And that is likely to continue.  But for me continuing to blog does help me on my journey. Therefore… PLEASE NOTE  I am just someone trying to get well, and then stay well.   I have no specialized background or training re FODMAPS.  Some recipes and remarks in this blog may not match with the latest, most accurate clinical practices.  Please always defer to more authorized sources.  

Chive flowers, I have added them to salads and biscuit dough before.  Chives are low FODMAP, but chive flowers ? ?  ?   (I’m going to risk it.)



4 thoughts on “i LIVE, i LEARN, HOPE you do too

  1. I found it a little frustrating at first, seeing conflicting things on blogs, but I just defer to Monash Uni published material. I downloaded the app and it has been immensely useful!

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