Go-to Meals

Go-to Meals

Yesterday I posted that Bisquick GF Margherita Pizza was becoming a go-to meal for me.  Today I received an email from Julie at Calm Belly Kitchen about creating at least 1 to 3 low FODMAP go-to meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This email is number 4 in a series of 7 in what she calls her “2-Week FODMAP Cleanse!”  (It is free, just click the link to learn more or sign up.)

Step 4: Create go-to meals that don’t bore you to death


Breakfast  1– If I’m heading out to an 8:30am exercise class I am most likely to grab a Green Valley Lactose Free Yogurt in either strawberry or blueberry flavor before leaving.   I also keep their plain yogurt on hand, if I opt for a plain I add some homemade strawberry or raspberry jam because plain is just plain yogurt-y from my taste buds.  Green Valley makes a vanilla which I bet I would love, but I have not found it around here. (Peach and Honey, of course, are not low FODMAP).  When I return home at 10am I often have a slice of homemade GF bread.

Breakfast  2– A bowl of cereal, often Corn Chex with 4 ounces of lactose free milk.

Breakfast 3–  Something home-made, like buckwheat pancakes (topped with plain yogurt and fruit jam) or a GF banana muffin [I’ve made them, I’ve been eating them, I just haven’t posted them yet.]

Lunch, Dinner, or Supper 1 — Bisquick GF Margherita Pizza

Lunch, Dinner, or Supper 2, 3… —  a) 3 to 4 ounces of Chicken/Salmon/Pork Tenderloin/ Shrimp/  b) 4 to 5 ounces baked potato, roast potatoes, or oven fries/ a half cup of rice / another starch like bread or polenta bites/  b) 1/2 cup cucumber slices, a small low FODMAP portion of cooked carrots, or green beans, 1 plum tomato.

I think you can see why I post more baking than anything else.  It is where I have the most fun.

But I will share some photos and details of today’s lunch:

I had a snack bag of baby carrots which I sliced thinly, placed in a small baking dish, added 3 TBs water and a pinch of dried ginger, dotted with smart balance and covered with foil.  I had 3 Yukon Gold potatoes that totaled about 10 ounces.  I cut them into small fries, placed about 5 ounces each into 2 baking dishes, drizzled with olive oil, turned to coat, then sprinkled with powdered rosemary and a little salt.  I had about 1 + 1/2 pounds of boneless chicken breasts (2) which I cut into the size of chicken tenders and placed in a shallow glass baking dish.  You may have heard Rachael Ray talk about bottom of the jar recipes, will today I had a close to empty jar of Dijon mustard.  To the mustard I added 2 TB maple syrup, a tsp of dried chives, a 1/2 tsp of dried sage, a pinch of oregano, and a quick grind of pepper.  I stirred those items together and poured the resulting sauce over the chicken.  This is where I like a disposable kitchen glove to massage the sauce all over the chicken.  All the prepared dishes can go into a 350F oven over about 30 minutes.  That is lunch for today, and leftovers too.


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