Zesty Sugar

Looking at the King Arthur Flour website last week, I discovered their recipe for EASY MICROWAVE LEMON CURD.  I have not made it yet, but at the end the recipe there is a hint

“For more intense flavor in your curd, grate the rind of 2 to 4 of the lemons, combine it with the sugar in a food processor, and process until rind is finely ground. Proceed with the recipe as directed.”

Today I was about to eat a little orange and thought I am going to make orange sugar.  I took a vegetable peeler and sliced off some zest and put it into the bowl of my food processor with 1 cup of sugar.

I am storing the resulting orange sugar in the refridgerator until I want to add some orange flavor into a sweet recipe.

Of course sugar is something most of us are all too fond of and need to limit in our diets. You might find this post on fiftyandfodmapishdotcom.wordpress.com an interesting read.    Zlata on her blog, Life and Thymez, has one of the most complete and impressive articles on sugars & sweeteners and their “safety” on a low FODMAP diet .


Author: KittyHere

On hiatus from my KittyHere blog but I still pop in to read others. And you never know maybe sometime in 2019 I just might write a little something.

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