The Fiber Question

If you have IBS or IBS-like digestive problems,  you are well aware of the conflicting pros and cons of dietary fiber.  A number of web sites have articles on this subject.  Here is a link to one of my favorites, written by a  board certified gastroenterologist.

I have now been on the low FODMAP diet for just over two weeks.  If you had asked me about dietary fiber three weeks ago I would have said I got enough, in fact, I would have said my body was sensitive to high fiber foods.   Actually, that is exactly what I told my doctor at my last visit. She was not convinced and instructed me to take a daily dose  of Metamucil, but with a smaller amount of liquid to help control diarrhea (or with a larger amount of  liquid to treat constipation.)    Now my only prior experience with Metamucil was shortly after gallbladder surgery and it was not pleasant. So looking at the drugstore shelves, I opted for an all natural simply psyllium husk product rather than the flavored Metamucil product my husband had brought home to me post surgery.  I have been happy with that choice.  I have logged what I eat on MyFitnessPal for years, ever since meeting with a R.D. to work on controlling rising A1C levels. I have noticed a drop in my daily fiber intake since starting the low PODMAP diet and it is sending my body a little too far in the opposite direction.  So in an attempt to obtain a state of balance, and given that many high fiber foods contain nasty FODMAPs and that many of the good fiber sources suitable for a FODMAP-elimination diet simply are unappealing to me, I have made the following chart.


Low FODMAP  Fiber Sources, that I actually am willing to eat:

Food Group Food & serving size

limit most to the stated amounts per sitting

Fiber g
grains Rice bran, 2 TBs 3.1
Oat Bran, 2 TBs 1.8
Quinoa, ½ C cooked 2.6
Brown Rice, ½ C cooked 2
Oats, ½ C cooked 2
seeds/nuts Chia seeds, 2 TBs (1 TBs) 9.8  (4.9)
Sesame seeds, 2 TBs (1 TBs) 2.7 (1.3)
Peanuts, 32 estimate ¼ ounce 0.7 estimate
vegetables Baked potato with skin, 5.3 ounce 3
Parsnip, ½ C 2.8
Carrot, 1 med estimate 61 grams 1.4
Romaine lettuce, 1 C 1
Kale, 1 C chopped 2.6
Green beans, ½ C cooked – 12 bean limit 2
fruits Orange, 1 small 2
Kiwi, 1 medium 2
Banana, ripe, 1 small, 3 ounce peeled 2
Blueberries, 20 berries  (?- ½ C) ?-2
Raspberries, 10 berries  (?- ¼ C) ?-2
Strawberries, 10 medium 1.2

The portions of food above are smaller than you will find on many FODMAP friendly fiber lists, but they are consistent with the 2/3/2016 updated Low FODMAP’s  Grocery List from Colleen Francioli of FODMAP Life and BonCalme that I find more of the most recent & comprehensive.

You might like to view these:     Fiber Without FODMAPs by Kate Scarlata,  Fiber without FODMAPS by FODMAP Life,  Getting Enough Fiber on a Low-FODMAP Diet by  Patsy Catsos,  and IBS and Fiber by  W. Travis Dierenfeldt, MD (author of the link which I used to open this post.)


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