Living in Vermont King Arthur Flour is a local company.  A good number of their products can be found in supermarkets and Co-Ops/natural food stores.  But KA has a large selection of special gluten-free ingredients and mixes that will not be found in any neighborhood grocery store.  They also have high quality kitchen equipment. My latest internet/mail order arrived today.

Items purchased:   Individual Pie and Burger Bun Pan — this is going to be great the next time I make GF Bisquick Pizza as well as for making sandwich rolls from sticky GF bread batters.   Ancient Grains Flour Blend —  made of 30% each amaranth**, millet, & sorghum flours and 10% quinoa flour – is 100% whole grain & gluten-free. It adds protein, fiber, vitamins, & minerals to  baked goods, and imparts a fantastically complex taste.  Hi-Maize Natural Fiber — because going a low FODMAP diet has reduced the amount of fiber I am consuming and this product seemed like a tasty way to add some back into my  homemade GF baked goods. Maple Sugar — granulated maple sweetener, very low FODMAP friendly & so very Vermont.

Other KA items low FODMAP friendly ingredients in my pantry: Gluten-Free FlourSAF Red Instant YeastLemon Juice Fruit Powder, Fiori di Siciliaand Xanthan Gum.

** May 7, 2016 update:  The Ancient Grains Flour Blend from King Arthur Flour does contain 30% Amaranth flour, which  Ash Jones,  an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, of Off-Duty Dietitian, has on her list of high FODMAP flours to avoid.  I am going to finish off the bag I purchased and will probably not buy it in the future.


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