Corn Flour Sponge Cake

Corn Flour Sponge Cake

I found this 3 – 5 ingredient recipe while looking at low FODMAP recipe boards on Pinterest.   Visit  Honest Cooking to see the full recipe and method.

My result has no where near as “light and feathery” as hers, but it tasted great, kept well for 3 days, and my husband enjoyed it too.  Maybe the corn flour I used had something to do with it.  I followed directions, beat the eggs for 10 minutes, sifted the flour 4 times, and used a light hand folding.  ??? — then it was my first time making a sponge cake.

I liked topping my cake with strawberry sauce.IMG_8051

 After day 3 it did get a little stale, but I do not think it would freeze well.

I will certainly try this recipe again and even wonder about trying it with another type of flour.




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