Sick Day & Saltines

Just one week ago I heard the acronym FODMAP for the first time.

I had been sailing along happily, then BINGO — Warning, we are headed into too much information territory:   5:30AM, my head is splitting, I cannot lift it from my pillow, an hour passes and I have got to move because I feel like I am going to vomit (I am not prone to vomiting), I make it to the bathroom but just dry heaves — I still feel miserable but pee is all that comes out of me. Now I am back to bed until 9-10AM ish,  and oops,  it is rush to the bathroom and swish, empty those bowels.  Still feeling miserable.  Swallow some water and regular morning medication.  I so feel like saltines, but no I will not do that.  I have gone a week wheat free.  Thinking to myself,  what was different yesterday?  It  was a really good day.  I did an aerobics class.  I made two new low FODMAP recipes:  strawberry jam/sauce and cornflour sponge cake.  I ate nothing but items that are FODMAP approved, and in acceptable portions.  Granted the two recipes were new, I have not eaten strawberries in ages or a cornflour sponge cake ever.  But I am not ready to blame those delicious items for this morning.  Hey, I ate no yogurt yesterday, and I didn’t take any acidophilus.  Maybe?  Maybe not.  But on that note it is nearly 11AM, and sick headache/bellyache or not, I think I should eat something.  Off to have a Yoplait lactose free French vanilla yogurt.  And heck, I guess I’ll try a single 325mg Tylenol and hope it does not make things worse.  Darn it is past Noon and my tummy is still flip-flopping.  I so want those saltines, and the comfort of an old habit.   I am thinking strongly that I read someplace that a small portion has recently been added to the Monash research approved list.  Time to google.  Darn, no results telling me what I want to know.  OK, off to the stack of printed food lists I have acquired this past week.  The six page list from BonCalme is where I saw saltines. saltines Yippee-yippee, there it is on page  3, hiding as Crackers in bold type, followed in the magic word saltines, followed in parenthesis, U.S. 5.  I missed it the first time I looked, but I am stubborn, even or especially when I am sick.  I take a little plate out of the cupboard and separate 5 crackers from a 10 pack and savor.  Could anyone enjoy a saltine more?

It is going to be about 3:30PM when I post this and since about 1 PM I have been doing stuff around the house.  My head is nearly normal, my tummy does hurt, but less and less. I am eating a bit and no bathroom trips.  I, cross my fingers, may be turning the corner on this little flare up.


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